My basic rate for a session is only €150. (VAT must be added if you live in Israel).

This will give you up to 5 minutes of my playing recorded to the highest standard.

Since percussion is many times arranged by layering more than one instrument, you have a choice of either getting 2 instruments in mono or 1 instrument in stereo.

(for example 2 shakers or a shaker in stereo, a frame drum and a riqq or riqq in stereo etc.)

As well you will have one free modification request.

  • Getting both 1st instruments in stereo – additional €25
  • Recording of longer durations – each additional 2.5 minutes add €25
  • Recording of more instruments -  €50 for each additional instrument (mono/stereo does not matter for this, number of channels will be set by the type of instrument)
  • Complexity addition/ song not by click track– I reserve the right to ask for additional fee by my discretion, if you refuse to pay this your initial payment would be refunded.
  • Drum kit in 8 channel format (BD/SNR-b/SNR-TOP/HH/TOM/TOM/OH1/OH2) cost €250, additional mics (Room, BD outside etc) are available by request and additional fee.
  • Mixdown of percussion or drum tracks – €50 per basic mix – eq& compression.
  • 2nd and later Modifications – €25 for basic stuff, €50 for a completely new idea.
  • Percussion package – up to 8 instruments, processed and mixed – €350
  • Posted media – €15 for your tracks posted to you on CD (or DVD)