Who owns the rights for the tracks?
Your music belongs to you!  we record tracks on work-for-hire basis, just like a session musicians in traditional studio.  This means that by the end of the process, you own all of the rights of the recordings.  You are free to publish, reproduce or sell your song without asking for our consent. We will be happy to be credited if your have the printed space for it but it is not a necessity.

please however note the following license restrictions:

  • You can NOT distribute the recorded tracks in ANY form unless they are part of your own songs/productions.
  • You can NOT sell or give any parts of the recorded tracks, in any format, to anyone unless the recorded tracks are mixed with your own songs/productions.
  • You can NOT edit or mix the recorded tracks into any kind of loops or samples that will be used for resale or distribution of any kind.

What music can I send you and in what format?
Any mp3 file of reasonable quality mix would do, I do not need individual parts but sometimes if your song is already very busy it is worth while during a mixdown of fewer parts so I can hear your existing rhythm section better.

I do work with both click based productions and non-synced productions although I do charge an extra for this much more time consuming work (see prices page)

What equipment is used for recording?

Our studios use MOTU,TC Electronic, & Tascam sound cards – and selection of microphones from AKG,Byerdynamics and Shure. We will always inform you what we used.

What post-recording processing is available?

For additional fee we can post process the files with EQ and compression to suit your track better, in addition mixing services are offered for multiple tracks. We will always supply you with both processed and non-processed versions.

Can/must I direct your playing style and instruments you choose?
It is up to you, some clients are very specific and some let me have more freedom.

Should I include my sketches?
If you have midi tracks or audio loops in your song you want to replace, We would love to hear those to get a perspective of what you have in mind. However, We prefer to record our tracks over sketches that don’t contain very busy rhythmic tracks or loops. Sending two files (with and without sketch tracks) would be great.

Can I use your tracks with my software or DAW?
You can import my tracks to the starting point of the sketch you’ve sent, so always bounce your mixes from the start point and you’ll never loose sync.
You may choose your preferable WAV/AIFF file format up to 24bit,192KHz to fit your project needs.

What about modifications and changes?
We believe our customers must be 100% satisfied. After recording your track we will send you an mp3 preview for your approval. Your first modification is free. Additional minor modifications are only $25 each, if it is completely a different idea you’re going for after the preview I reserve the right of asking for $50 for big 2nd modification. As well I will need you to pay the whole bill (to pay up for studio time) if you ask for more than one modification.

How secure is your payment system?
I use the collection services of Paypal which allows me to receive money from any international credit card, they are pretty much the biggest company around so I believe that this is as safe as it can be.

How do I upload my track?
As part of the order process, you will be asked to upload supporting files, press browse button and choose your track, when you submit your order your track will be uploaded, please wait patiently if your track’s file size is big.