Session Players

Our Players

All our players are experinced in studio work, and can either play from a written score or improvise thier parts to suit your musical context.

Musician’s Name Instrument(s) Notes
Avi Agababa All Percussion instruments Specializes in middle-eastern percussion
Udi Ben-Kn`aan Cretean Lira, Bulgari Saz, Afghani Rebab and many other string instruments from around the world.
Ofer Ankori Saxophone, Western (Silver) Flute, Nai (Arabic Flute), Turkish Clarinet, Zorna
Mark Eliyahu Azerian Kamanche (Central-Asian Violin),Saz
Gerhard Fankhauser Lauta (Spanish Lute), Oud (Arabic Lute), Overtone singing
Shlomo Oz Sitar, 10-strings Guitar, Classical guitar
Nimrod Nol Violin