Session Players

Our Players

All our players are experinced in studio work, and can either play from a written score or improvise thier parts to suit your musical context.

Musician’s Name Instrument(s) Notes
Avi Agababa All Percussion instruments Specializes in middle-eastern percussion
Udi Ben-Kn`aan Cretean Lira, Bulgari Saz, Afghani Rebab and many other string instruments from around the world. New website under-construction
Ofer Ankori Saxophone, Western (Silver) Flute, Nai (Arabic Flute), Turkish Clarinet, Zorna
Mark Eliyahu Azerian Kamanche (Central-Asian Violin),Saz New website under-construction
Gerhard Fankhauser Lauta (Spanish Lute), Oud (Arabic Lute), Overtone singing New website under-construction
Shlomo Oz Sitar, 10-strings Guitar, Classical guitar New website under-construction
Nimrod Nol Violin